Ladies Camo T-Shirt
Ladies Camo T-Shirt

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This tee is a great alternative piece for women who are interested in something a little exotic. Camo is great print for outdoor activities and themed events. It come in four different camo colors; woodland green, desert, pink and urban camo. It is made of 100% combed ring spun cotton making it super comfy for everyday Greek wear. It features a topstitched ribbed collar and tapered back neck. It fits loosely like many regular tees.  It falls at the hip line.

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Price: $20.00



Letter #1:

Letter #2:

Letter #3:

Foreground Fabric*:
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Foreground Thread Color*:
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Background (Border) - Optional

Background Fabric:
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Background Thread Color:
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A background fabric must also be selected or this will be ignored.
Stitch Type - Required

Stitch Type*:
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If no font is selected than Bookman-Dak will be used. If no thread color is selected, the thread color will be similar to the colors on the rest of the item.

Stitch Text - Below Letters (+$15):

1.5" font will be used as a default.

Stitch Text - Right Arm (+$10):

1" font will be used as a default.

Stitch Text - Left Arm (+$10):

1" font will be used as a default.

Stitch Text - Mid Back (+$15):

1.5" font will be used as a default.
If you want a larger, jersey-style number please make a note of this on your order and contact Customer Service as this requires additional charges.

Stitch Text - Lower Back (+$15):

1.5" font will be used as a default.

Stitch Text - Shoulderblades (+$15):

1.5" font will be used as a default.

Stitch Text -Through Letters (+$15):

1" font will be used as a default.
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L.A.T. Womens Fine Jersey Camo T-shirt
100% combed ringspun cotton, 4 oz; topstitched ribbed collar; taped back neck

Comes standard with 4" (foreground only) letters and available with 4" (foreground & background) letters sewn on.


M 24.5

L 25.5

XL 26.5

2XL 27.5


M 19.38

L 21.5

XL 23.63

2XL 25.75


M 24.5

L 25.5

XL 26.5

2XL 27.5


M 5.75

L 6

XL 6.15

2XL 6.5

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